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The Legend of Jack Sparrow

"Jack, your name is synonymous with weasel."
"Then how did I ever talk you into coming here?"
"That is a mystery indeed!"

☠ Based on the game, "The Legend Of Jack Sparrow", this mini diorama styled set takes place at the beginning of the first level.

🦜 This set includes two minifigures located in an old ruin that holds a secret treasure unbeknownst to all who pass. Along with a pond, palm tree and a clumsy pirate's lost lunch, our heroes follow the mysterious path that leads the way to adventure!

⚓ I think this would make a great set because it would fit great alongside the Ray the Castaway line of small but adventurous play moments, which I believe we need more of.

🏴‍☠️ As a proud owner of two Capt. Sparrow costumes, I have been a fan of Pirates since I first rode on the ride, and now I hope to spread my love for it by presenting this 20th anniversary set.

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