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The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition Pack


The Elf on the Shelf is back, but in LEGO! I thought that since LEGO has never made a LEGO Elf on the Shelf set, now would be a perfect time. I built four Elf on the Shelf Lego set-related items almost perfect as gifts or on display...

First, I built a snow globe with a brick built Elf sitting in it, along with some snow pieces. On the sides of my snow globe I added a candy cane with red and white patterns to add some Christmas-like, Elf colors, and on top of my snow globe, I put some red and green Christmas lights. 

Second, I built a Elf on the Shelf  shelf that looks almost exactly like the one on the traditional box:  It has just the right amount of detail, and goes perfect on display. Also, I tried to put lots of detail on the books and tree.  

Third, I built a LEGO, life-sized, hang-able Elf on the Shelf ornament, that matches the box absolutely perfectly. It has the dots, stripes, and string perfectly, and is great for display on your tree or as a gift.    

Last, but not least, I designed a build-able present that's white with a red ribbon, and I think is perfect as a gift, like to put money or small gifts in.  

This product contains approximately 267 pieces, and I think its the perfect way to start a LEGO Christmas tradition. Please, leave in the comments your favorite Elf on the Shelf  Lego Set product I made!     

I think this product should become a set because:  

LEGO has never made a Elf on the Shelf set.  

Kids love Elves on the Shelf (especially during Christmas time). 

Perfect way to start a new tradition.

Please support my idea, and have an extravaganzalorious day!  

My son is helping me at every step, but it's my project. I am 49 years old. 

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