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Boardwalk Waterpark Slide


BOARDWALK Seaside Vacations can begin here. The Waterpark Slide is centrally supported on an aquarium and is inspired by the Heartlake’s Summer Pool. Additions include a splash pad of jumping fountains and a network of slides with large support beams. The areal height allows for some awesome arabesque curves and swooping speed. The flowing slide stream is interrupted by small pools to keep figures from flying off.

Curving pool edges and grassy knolls create an unconfined play area. Safety rails endow the structure with the idea of safety without restricting the free movement of figures. There is something mesmerizing about watching gravity pull figures and other objects down the slides. A multitude of stairways, arches and fountains were used because they always make me want to explore.

FEATURED are azure blue parrots and transparent blue spouts of water. Original yellow minifigures are used because short plastic hair slides better than the minidoll rubber hair and the scale makes the slides appear even larger.


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