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London Underground

“The London Underground, also known as The Tube, is a rapid transport system serving Greater London and adjacent countries. It is the first and the busiest metro system in the world transferring 5 million people daily.”

Hi everyone! Sorry, it's been a while. I know I said I was going to build a lot of projects over the summer but these builds ended up taking a lot longer than I thought!

With my recent trip to London, I was able to see plenty of beautiful architecture and history I was never able to see before. This build is heavily inspired by Gloucester Road, one of the 272 stations in the London Underground. 

The main thing I focused on in this build was building diagonally. If you look closely, the station is built to have itself diagonally lined up with the train beneath it. It was really hard to do but with the help of turntables and wedge plates, I was able to do it.

The build has 3000 pieces and was made with

The Build
  • The escalator actually works! When tuning the crank, the escalators move in opposite directions and move the Minifigures up and down. This was definitely a feature I wanted to add because I was always jealous of the working elevators in the heart lake city mall.
  • The subway train has opening doors and a removable top to see the inside. I wasn't able to find the motorized part on but if this becomes a real set hopefully that can be added to make the train move!
  • The train tracks jolt out of the building. This was not the design choice I originally wanted, but it became something that I ended up really loving. 

Some Details
  • This is a telephone booth to the side of the station. This was really fun to make because I have always loved their design of them.
  • The tickets and their scanners are completely accurate to real life. I made two separate cards (one for tourists and one for residents) to be more realistic. The ticket machine is also accurate with a realistic screen and a working card slot.
  • There are three tourist Minifigures that each wear matching London shirts! On their chest is the LEGO London architecture set with London under it spelled with LEGO bricks!

Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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