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The "Brick Built Bank" Bank Card

Hello, thank you for checking out my idea. To be honest, I don't really remember how this idea came to be, but once I had a mock-up of the card, I knew I had to share it. I believe this idea would make a fun gift with purchase, especially when you consider that the buyer might have used a card to make their main purchase in the first place

I designed this card to be as sleek as possible while also being as smooth and symmetrical as real bank cards. And the color choice comes from two sources of inspiration: the classic LEGO bank note, and the fact that green's my favorite color.

For the build's prints, I made sure to include all of the standard details you'd find on a real card. But to add some extra fun, I chose numbers and names that are references to LEGO and the company's history.

The sixteen numbers are four sets of years.

1932: LEGO's founding
1949: LEGO first started making plastic interlocking bricks.
1958: The current design for the traditional LEGO brick was patented.
2022: LEGO celebrated 90 years of being in business.

The name is LEGO's founder, Ole Kirk Kristiansen.

The "GOOD THRU" date is a reference to LEGO being for for all age groups.

The CCV is the original set number for the first LEGO castle.

Hopefully you enjoy my design. If you are interested in seeing this idea come to life as a real set, I'd certainly appreciate the support.

Current model specifications:

Total Parts: 44

Width: .3 inches
Length: 3.8 inches
Height: 2.3 inches

Weight: .7 ounces

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