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so i loved cuphead i beat the game two times and loved it so much it made me want to build cuphead i looked for a youtube video on other builds but i wanted something bigger hoping i could be able to find a good looking one but there was no luck there so i got a 3d model and found out that his pants and shirt are both round so i had to scrap the first one and then had to remodel the whole body but anyway i hope all you cuphead players can enjoy this build as much as i did. you all can get cuphead for 20$ and play it on switch steam Microsoft windows xbox 1 and sony playstation 4 and you can also get the dlc for 8$ or just get it in a bundle for 28$ its also good to tell you all that i am thankful for all you supporters i know that you all maybe like cuphead as much as i do so just remember i am making mugman later in the future any way thank you so much for your support.

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