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Toyota Prius and Tacoma

What they are: These are my models of 2 famous Toyota vehicles. You probably remember my Prius, now updated with a full interior, driver, and black stripe (For details on the original, see my “Toyota Prius” entry), and my new Tacoma. The Tacoma features a full interior, working tailgate, and the rear wheels drive a “rear differential” that turns a universal joint. I think that is really good considering that it’s a smallish model. The bed is relatively roomy measuring 5 studs by 4 studs, and you can fit a few good-sized bricks in it, and the interior features 4 seats, steering wheel and shift lever.

Why I built them: I built them because I love cars and I wanted to redo my Prius. you might be interested to know that my Tacoma started out as a Chevrolet Colorado. I think that the vehicles are scaled very close to each other, although the truck is scaled slightly larger than the car. I think they have good play value for kids and adults might find that they have good detail.

Why I think they would make a great Lego set: I think they would make a good set because their good toys for a kid, and they could be display models for an adult. I hope to eventually build something good enough to become a real Lego set, one that I can hold, and compare to my original builds. For more information on these, and other Toyota vehicles, visit the Toyota website. 

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