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NEO GEO MVS 2-Slot Arcade Cabinet

NEO GEO arcade machines were some of the most recognizable arcade machines you could find in a 90s arcade. The games that they featured are still wildly popular 30 years later. I created this Lego set because I thought this arcade machine would be a perfect fit for Lego.

My main goal was to emulate the distinctive and striking look of an original NEO GEO MVS and I think I did it to the best of my ability. Special consideration went into the control panel to recede the studs by a half-plate so that they look as close to buttons as possible. The build also features a ton of SNOT (studs not on top) techniques to be as true to the shape of an original NEO GEO MVS cabinet as possible with Lego.

The build also features all the details you would find inside of a real arcade cabinet. This includes the arcade board itself, the game cartridges, CRT & chassis, the power supply, the isolation transformer, the stereo speakers and the florescent tube that lights up the marquee.

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