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Fire-breathing Toaster


A new Super Villain machine has surfaced in the market, and evil people are buying them like kitchen appliances!

Its no laser-sharks or dragons or other main stream evil plots, its a fire-breathing toaster!
Whats so evil about it is it looks like a giant regular toaster, but little does our hero know that it breathes hot flaming fire of hot-ness!   

Save the Damsel-in-Distress from the not so terrifying, but still evil fire-breathing toaster!

Toaster does not come with an off button.
and works with 110V only. 

Set comes with the ff:

1x Hoisting Crane
1x Fire-breathing Toaster
1x Evil Super Villain Chef
1x Brave Heroic Knight
1x Damsel

The button locks itself when in the "toasting" Position and flames go up and down


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