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Working Polaroid Sun 600 LMS

The Polaroid sun 600 LMS, released in the 80’S, is one of the most iconic instant camera.

« The Sun 600 LMS has a single-element 106mm lens that is capable of focusing as close as 4' away, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. »

This 1/1 scale LEGO version is composed of 834 parts.

The idea : by pressing the red button, the picture is automatically ejected as the real one.

The mechanism : 2 technic shock absorbers are used as mechanical springs to put pressure on the picture. A stop, connected by gears to the red button, prevents the picture to go outside.

The customization : insert your favourite picture ! A hole has been designed to put your finger
and easily change it. Print pictures or cut old ones to the right dimensions : 9 stud by 9 stud / 7.2 cm x 7.2 cm / 2,835’x2,835’.

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