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T-35 Light Fighter


   First there was a dull, painless but annoying sensation. It seemed to tingle and burn, all while hiding at the back of his mind.

   Then there was the light. Blistering, burning light. Why was it so bright? Seconds passed of confusion before he realized that his eyes were open.

    Large, stretched out, leaves blocked his path. But where was the path leading? A large, blue, endless void?

   Then he looked down. There was no path. He was laying on his back. The void was the sky. Shakily, he rose.

    His legs didn't get the message. He was back, staring at the void, on the ground. Wait. No. The sky. White wisps slithered around, creating intricate patterns and shapes.

    “C…” His mouth tried to form words. “Cl…” What were the wisps called? Why couldn't he remember? Frustration surged through him, and this time he leapt to his feet, staying standing. He stood in a jungle, which stretched as far as his eyes could see.

    His mind wandered. Why was he here? Where was ‘here’? Now that he thought harder, he realized that he couldn't remember anything. What was he even supposed to call himself? There was no name that he could think of. What had happened?

    So he did the most sensible thing: Run. He ran until his lungs began to burn. Then he ran some more. The air seemed to turn to water in his lungs, and form a wall in front of him.

    Just as he thought there was no hope, that he was lost, he hear a loud roaring noise. It was very familiar, although he had no idea why. But it was a sign of some life other than him. So he ran towards it.

    The forest opened up into a clearing, with a soft floor of dried leaves. In the middle, there were three large landing pads, made from concrete. Three sleek and streamlined (though worn and battered) ships perched on their respective pads. Large crates were strewn about, and support vehicles swarmed over the land, throwing up wakes of dead leaves. 

    "Ah... Captain Gelean!" A voice shouted from the side of the clearing. "Nice of you to join us!"


My project is a science fiction style spaceship, based off the start of a short story that I tried to write a while ago. I also built a small support vehicle and a landing pad. There are 4 minifigures (three pilots and one landing crew member). I built it out of 603 bricks. The coloured plates on the wings can be intercanged o fit the pilot. (The gold sleeved man has gold and orange markings, the green sleeved woman has green and brown markings, and the man with the blue sleeve has blue and tan markings). It also has deployable landing gear for the front (it rests on the engines in the back).

Thank you for any support that you give! It means a lot to me!

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