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A Taste of Asia


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Give your LEGO citizens a taste of fine East Asian Cuisine at the sushi bar and dumpling house! Grab some dumplings for a quick lunch on the go at the family-owned dumpling house, or sit down and enjoy some fine Japanese sushi at the bar next door. The dumpling house features 3 tables, a cute little kitchen, a second-floor apartment, and a Chinese-style roof. The sushi bar features traditional decorations, a well-stocked sushi bar and kitchen, and a roof access ladder and hatch.

I am a huge Lego fan, and I have been collecting for almost ten years. Because I am Asian-American, I started to think that many of Lego's set themes lack cultural and thematic diversity. So, I designed this set so Lego can offer an exotic-looking set that can appeal to a wider range of fans. There are 8 minifigures in this set: the dumpling house chef, his assistant, and the waitress, 2 sushi chefs, a sushi bar waiter, and 2 restaurant patrons. I tried to improvise with the sushi chefs' torsos. I hope Lego prints purpose-made torsos for them. I used various lego pieces to make a variety of dishes, from individual nigiri to sashimi platters to dumplings and shumai to even bento-boxes.

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