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Arc de Triomphe


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Please note that this is a resubmission of my Arc de Triomphe project. If you supported this model before 8 November 2016 your vote has expired, I hope you will renew your support for this project.

This idea has developed over the past 18 months, guided by the feedback and comments I received during its first time on Lego Ideas. I also picked up new building techniques which have allowed me to create a more realistic and detailed model of this iconic building.

The construction of the real Arc de Triomphe was ordered in 1806 by Emperor Napoleon. Construction was stopped between 1814 (abdication of Napoleon) and 1826. It was finally completed in 1836, long after Napoleon's death in 1821.

The set has a 1600 part count of which 500 are small elements used to provide the finer detail. To help judge the overall size I have included a picture of it next to the Eiffel Tower which stands 31cm tall.

Fitting all of the features into the model was been challenging. However, I hope this will create a satisfying building experience especially when creating the interior arches. The panels in the museum section are just shown black but these could be printed to add some colour and to the museum.

From a commercial aspect the set has potential longevity as a souvenir of holidays to France selling alongside the Eiffel tower set at souvenir shops in Paris and at ports, stations and airports.

What's new in this version

  • Museum level with display panels and a micro-scale Arc de Triomphe.
  • Lift off top to reveal the Museum level.
  • base of legs uses flat plates to create the 'step' used by visitors as somewhere to sit, rest and eat.
  • inside the legs there are the four black doors which, on the actual building, lead to the spiral staircases that take you up to the top.
  • Improved ceiling design for the two small arches.
  • replaced the four corner trophy figures with 1x1 bricks to stop the roof looking like it was 'floating'
  • A total redesign of the roof section to create a much better representation of the real Arch de Triomphe. This now includes the windows on the ends of the museum level.
  • Use of more realistic colours.

If you like this project please share it with friends and family and perhaps it will make it to review this time.

Thank you.

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