Product Idea

The Legend of Anendra

Every legend has a beginning. The legend of Anendra starts at her heroic battle with the enormous sea serpent Ilur, a cunning beast who attacked Anendra and her group as they stopped to rest for the night. Ilur swept up from the sea and Anendra and her partner Vidlur rush to defend their baby and Anendra’s little brother. A great battle between the elves and the sea serpent ensues but all survive the encounter within an inch of their lives.

Anendra’s bravery is seen by a travelling mistral hiding on the other side of the shore and he makes several ballads about her. But that is only the beginning, Anendra and Vidlur are from two opposing elf clans but have found each other and choose their family before the clan. Anendra’s battle with Ilur is the starting point of Anendra’s rise to power and eventually she is the one uniting all the elf clans. Her rule, strength of will and great love for her family and people are talked about to this very day.

This build started with me buying the female elf and was inspired to build her story. My great love of books and fantasy then coalesced into this idea. I used some Elves parts as key pieces, like the eye of the sea serpent and in the gold decorations in the book. I love colours but I also wanted the build to have harmony and balance between all the strong colours. I started building Lego in the spring of 2017 and built this in 7 weeks this spring. Please comment and ask questions if there is anything you want to know!

I hope you like and support my build so the legend can continue on!