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LEGO DOTS Linked Necklace Set


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Wear your creativity with this fun bold build!  Craft your style with LEGO pieces to wear as necklace.  

Why be stuck with only one look?  This set lets you change your style whenever you want.  

28 links are built with LEGO plates with tow balls, and flexible tow ball sockets. Use the LEGO DOTS tiles to create beautiful details and patterns.  

Alternatively use 2x2 LEGO round tiles on both the top and bottom of each ‘bead’ to create a bigger and bolder splash of color. This option allows each 'bead' to be symmetrical. This is a good feature for when the necklace twists and turns as you are wearing it.  
The colors are chosen to pay homage to traditional jewelry. Colors include the new incandescent pearl-like color, gold, silver, a green like emeralds, a blue like sapphires and a magenta like a rare opal.

Every link can easily snap apart from the next. This is an important safety feature for young builders wearing it around their necks.

Mix this set with any of your existing collection for truly endless possibilities!

I built this necklace over 2 years ago. I have worn it many times and modified it with different patterns. I love that it is not obviously built with LEGO until people get close and have a good look at it. I enjoy taking it off to let kids modify it as they please. 

I hope this idea inspires more people to imagine, create, and build as a form of self-expression.

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