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Ciccillo's Diner


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This is the fantastic story of Frank Ciccillo, the son of immigrants who landed in America in the 1930s in search of a new life. Initially, life was tough for Frank and his family, but after many sacrifices, they managed to fulfill the dream of opening their own business: a small, family-run diner. Upon opening the diner, Frank followed in his father's footsteps, intensely learning every little secret to turn it into experience. After his father's death, Frank faced a long dark period that nearly led to the failure and closure of his business. However, just when all seemed lost, Frank meets Maryann, and with her support and assistance, he breathes new life into CICCILLO’S DINER, turning it into a highly renowned hotspot for tourists along Route 66. 
I built this MOC (My Own Creation) based on my passions for hot rods and everything that represents 1950s America. 
I made this diner sit along the iconic American Route 66. 
It all started with a friend who, inspired by my son's name, came up with the CICCILLO'S logo. From there, I envisioned this MOC, hoping that others who share my passion will appreciate its details.

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