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LEGO Plane


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I decided for this project because, I though that would be great challenge, So my first step was to build it in scale for minifigures and also to be good looking plane. It has only 249 bricks and same propeller functions like the real one. It has pilot seat and a lot space for baggage.I think this would be great set for lego city or your airport. That is my result hope you like it. Check out my other projects and thanks for everything :).

An airplane or aeroplane (informally plane) is a powered, fixed-wing aircraft that is propelled forward by thrust from a jet engine or propeller. Airplanes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and wing configurations. The broad spectrum of uses for airplanes includes recreation, transportation of goods and people, military, and research. Commercial aviation is a massive industry involving the flying of tens of thousands of passengers daily on airliners. Most airplanes are flown by a pilot on board the aircraft, but some are designed to be remotely or computer-controlled.

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