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Monsters, Inc.


Welcome to Monsters Inc! We scare because we care.

Based on the motion picture event from 2001, we established a globally active company that supplies your home with clean, sustainable energy, 100% based on the screams of children that we scare. We also recently discovered new energy sources such as children’s laughter, a very promising alternative for the future. Our goal is to enlighten your household and feed your electronic devices. Since we also care for our environment, we target to reduce our carbon footprint by 0.1 % until 2025. 

Our company features three levels of workspace. On the first floor, you will find the entrance hall, bathrooms and a secret room equipped with a scream collector. The entrance is located on the second floor, with a simulation room and a garbage treatment facility nearby. Finally, on the third level, you will find a room to repair doors, the scare floor and a locker room. There’s also Roz’s room, where our employees have to hand in their daily reports. The pictures indicate how to access it. We also feature a great door vault. 

Our company is made of 2959 bricks. We have employees all over the globe. In our HQ, you will meet Mike Wazowski, James P. Sullivan, Randall Boggs, Roz, Fungus, Celia, Henry Watermoose III, two members of the Child Detection Agency and a former employee we unfortunately had to release from work, the Yeti. You will not find human beings like Boo there.

For some reason, our HQ also features the Himalaya. We are not sure what kind of architect thought that was funny, be assured we will track him down to scare the living something out of him.

If you want to make a change in this world and work in a friendly and non-scary environment for the global leader in clean energy, you might want to consider joining our team. Remember: We scare because we care.

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