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Great Ball Contraption Showcase


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Welcome to the Great Ball Contraption Showcase!

Featuring numerous great ball contraption mechanisms in a closed circuit, the GBC showcase creates a fascinating display piece that celebrates LEGO engineering.

Each module highlights a unique GBC mechanism carefully selected to bring a scene to life. The model can be actuated by the crank at the front, or by installing a motor at the back.

Watch the video below to see the model in action!

The journey starts with the balls being swept along the sea floor. A diver watches carefully while trying to capture the perfect photo of fish darting around in the colorful seaweed.

The next stop is the reactor core. The balls spiral up the reactor while the chief engineer keeps an eye on the power readings.

From there the balls wash along the ocean waves, pushed by the oar strokes of two unaware pirates who are hurrying back to their ship with a boat filled with treasure.

Each ball is then picked up by an old windmill. The crazy prospector is busy repairing his mine cart, damaged once again by those strange orange balls that keep rolling out of his mine.

The balls are then pushed up a winding river through a dense jungle. The avid explorer is too captivated by some ancient ruins to notice the balls progressing on their journey.

Next, the balls are dropped at the base of the watchtower. The knight is helpless to stop the endless march of the balls up the steps and into the tower.

Finally, the balls roll down a wooden ramp to a traditional pagoda. The sneaky ninja is not distracted by the balls disappearing into the cavern below the pagoda and continues on with his secret mission.

I hope you enjoy watching the GBC showcase in action. If you like the idea, please show your support by voting!

Thanks! - jazlecraz

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