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Spongebob Squarepant's The Krusty Krab


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Well this is my lego idea the krusty krab I have built a full scale version with a full interior and 5 minifigs and plankton all artwork is done by me and is my original work now back to the main build the krusty krab includes roughly 587 pieces I have tried to include as much detail as possible while keeping the piece count low there are 3 rooms the main dining room the kitchen and Mr krabs office the roof opens to reveal the interior

  • In the main dining area there are 2 tables a crows nest and the cash register boat in the kitchen there's the grill and fry vat the condiment station some barrels and the cupboard and in Mr krabs office he has his chair and his blue chest desk and the secret formula shhhhh the figs in the pics of the build are rough interpretations since I could not put my drawings in the renders 


  • Now for the figures I have decided to include a updated version of Sponge Bob with dual molded arms and legs and a spatula and a krusty crew hat next is Mr krabs also updated with better arms and legs and squidward I couldn't put a hat on him since I cant make any new molds and plankton I added the robot claw peice to his head to represent his antennas and the last 2 figures harold and fred you know the MY LEG guy


  • I feel this would be a good idea because the other 2 krusty krabs while nostalgic were a bit scarce this would provide a way to get a full size version of the iconic cartoon restraunt  and it would be a great chance for lego and nickelodeon to reconcile esspecially since the nickelodeon and mega bloks deal ended in 2016 so there would be no legal conflicts with other competitors.


  • And now some mushy stuff spongebob was and still is my favorate show Ive always loved the show including seasons 4-10 I vividly remember getting my first sponge Bob DVD and watching my first episode it was season 6 episode 103a spongicas it's a big part of childhood infact my first ever lego set was the original 2009 krusty krab I was hooked every time i went to the toy store I always wanted the spongebob sets I actually collected all 5 of the wave 2 sets the memories I unfortunately my sets have withered over the years I actually combining all my sets to make a deluxe krusty krab those were the days anyway I really want to see this project succeed so the next generation can experiance Lego spongebob and how it changed my life and introduced me to this amazing product thank you Steven Hillenburg and Ole Kirk Christiansen.

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