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Lonely Castle


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A castle that protects the country, a lonely castle, but not a blessed fortress.
A fortress perched on a desolate hill
A lonely fortress protecting the country in times of war. Now, overcoming the past and moving towards the era of peace. A new appearance with a wonderful decoration. A castle that heals the wounds of war and is beautifully decorated, I hope this era of peace continues.
Approximately 2400 bricks were used, and can be detached like a modular. Inside the building, only the stairs leading up were made, and no other decorations were added.
I didn't include it because there were no minifigures that fit the fortress. It seems that the castle needs to be remodeled to use the small minifigures.
The top layer is shaped like gold, silver, blue emeralds and diamonds.
Fortresses and castles that appear in general are slightly different types of castles. When viewed from the front, the two generals with his eyes wide open, he is guarding the fortress.

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