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Mach Patrol


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5000 times thanks! I almost can't believe it! A great result thanks to all of you who supported and encouraged me.

Time to celebrate the Mach Patrol with our heroes ... but ... hey! Looks like someone joined the party ... !!! We'll need bigger canapes ...

Ok Ok, kidding aside, who parked the Daitarn3 like this?


Previously, on the Mach Patrol page...


Thank you all for continuing to support the Mach Patrol!
Before the imminent season finale (LOL) of the missing Mach Patrol story, here's what we've seen so far, collected in three fantastic pages!
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Interlude part 4: Bat-what?!

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To thank you, here we are again for another amazing episode!
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Hey! These Bat-vehicles are suspiciously similar to the Mach Patrol! ...
We will know more in the next unmissable episode !!!


Interlude part 3: Does it come in black?


I almost can't believe it! It is a great achievement! And now let's go to the next milestone!
Thanks to everyone for the support, to celebrate here is the continuation of the little interlude.
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Did Batman really steal the Mach Patrol? What's going on here? Let's find out in the next unmissable episode;)


Interlude part 2: A surprise guest ...


To thank you all for the support, here's the continuation of this little interlude, before the main story continues...

What will happen next? See you at the next unmissable episode!


Here is just a little interlude before the second part start !


To celebrate here's a small bonus before the second part of the main comic will start!

Oh no! what's happening at Banjo's manor?

Who could possibly have stolen the Mach Patrol?

You will find out in the next unmissable episode !!!



First page ... complete


It's time for a great celebration! Here's the first page completed... what will happen next?


Beauty and Reika join the team!


Here's how promised a wonderful new episode! To make up for the delay, this time the episode will be longer! Have fun!!!

Oh no! Stop interrupting Banjo while talking!

Apparently we will have to wait a little longer to find out more!!!

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Hey Toppy, you're not gonna stand with your feet on the seat, huh?

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What is Banjo building?

Will Garrison ever finish polishing the Mach Patrol?

But above all ... Toppy is really with his feet on the seat !?

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