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Underground FBI Base


This is the LEGO model of a secret, underground FBI base. As you can see from the main image, the base is divided in three main sectors: the ground floor (the external fence and a room with the reception and two satellite dishes on the roof), the first underground floor (with four rooms) and the second underground floor (with the garage). The base can contain several different minifigures (picture 1): FBI agents and FBI technicians, in addition to a vehicle.

Let's analise them:

1. The garage contains a jeep and it's equipped with lights on the ceiling and supports for mechanical gears (picture 3). As you can see from picture 2, the upper part of the base (ground floor and first underground floor) can be removed from the garage because it is linked to it with only several pieces.

2. The first underground floor is made by four rooms which can be separated and connected easily (picture 4). The first room (pictures 5 and 6) is the Headquarters of the base and contains the technological equipment. The second room (pictures 7 and 8) is the analisys laboratory. The third room (pictures 9 and 10) contains a table with a LEGO map on it (it can't be removed, though). The fourth room (pictures 11, 12, 13 and 14) contains the clothes hangers, the support for the caps and a few lockers.                               The ground floor can be removed from the first underground floor easily because it is linked to it with just a few pieces (picture 15).

3. The ground floor contains a sort of reception (picture 18) and two wooden cloths hangers (picture 19). The door is equipped with a laser alarm system and can be opened (picture 16), while the two satellite dishes can rotate (picture 17).

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