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Pocahontas - Grandmother Willow

Listen with your heart, you’ll understand!

Relive the epic moments of Pocahontas (1995) with this detailed LEGO set. Hop on a small log boat and visit Grandmother Willow. Listen to her as she tells all her wisdom about nature and the nature of love.

Details about this LEGO Ideas project:

  • Although Grandmother Willow’s trunk is tilted, she stands sturdy.
  • It includes five characters of Pocahontas (1995): Pocahontas, John Smith, racoon Meeko, hummingbird Flit and a brick-built Grandmother Willow.
  • It includes approximately 700 individual LEGO pieces.
  • Grandmother Willow is approximately 22 cm deep, 22 cm wide and 19 cm high. She has a printed face.

My intent was to capture the main characteristics os Grandmother Willow: the tilted trunk, the facial part and the log stage in front of her. I also wanted to feature the love couple and their companion, using original LEGO pieces exclusively. Although, Flit would be nice as printed decoration on a 1x1 trans clear round tile.

One of my favourite musical animations was Pocahontas. I knew all of its songs and loved every character. I think this LEGO set would be a great toy for younger fans and for adults who would like to have nostalgic moments and remember to their childhoor memories. On the other hand, this set could be a tribute to the evergreen story and its message, which is about the importance of nature and the strength of love.

Thank you!

Thank you for supporting this project. Please, tell your thoughts in a comment! If you know someone, who would like this idea, please, share the project! Let make this project real and have one of the strongest Disney princess in brick-world!

About the creator:

I am a 30 years old, lifelong LEGO fan from Hungary. My first sets were 325 and 525. I have built layouts, dioramas and vignettes since 2010. I like to build alone and together with adults or children.

Fun fact: in the video, I play the xylophone and play the first notes of Grandmother Willow’s song.

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