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Ancient Egyptian Statue Collection

A collection of three ancient Egyptian-styled statues. Two depict a cat and a wolf, animals often used to represent the goddess Bastet and the god Anubis. The third is a sphinx, a mythical creature of which statues were built to act as guardians to a temple.

The ancient world as tons of fascinating designs, and I've always found the style of ancient Egyptian art appealing. The LEGO Adventurers sets from the late 90s were some of my favourites, but I fancied challenging myself to make something more realistic.

I think these would make nice desk or shelf display pieces. I've already built the cat to test the design, and it's quite sturdy, too.

W: 9.6 cm
L: 11.2 cm
H: 17.8 cm

W: 9.6 cm
L: 11.2 cm
H: 20.3 cm

W: 8.8 cm
L: 19.2 cm
H: 8 cm

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