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Steam Locomotive GWR 1400 Class

For those of us who love trains, the GWR 1400 Class is a must have in any Lego train collection. I love 1990's British steam engines as much as I love Lego and (once I had time) I decided to make a Lego 1400 Class in LDD. Since it started to look nice, I decided to share it in the hopes it can be made.

The Locomotive:

The GWR 1400 Class is a class of steam locomotive that was made for the GWR and introduced in 1932. The small size, lightweight and short wheelbase made it perfect for small branches, operating both as passenger and cargo services. The inner cylinders made it's lower outside clean and easy on the eye. It has 2 water tanks, one on each side of the firebox and boiler, and at the back stands the coal deposit.
Lego: The locomotive is roughly at scale.
-Inside the crew compartment (cab) there is room for 2 minifigs and the roof comes off for better access. At the back, the coal deposit has a shovel and a holder for it. At the bottom of it you can put black round plates as coal. You also find the controls and the Firebox door.
-Outside you find the detail of the Sander between the middle and rear axles. At the front you can see the lamp used during the night.
-For better driving in Lego tracks, the rear axle moves and has a flat plate on top so it still supports the locomotive.

The Minifigures: Like any other locomotive. the 1400 Class has an engineer and a fireman.
Both these figures are important and are in this project. They both fit inside the cab.

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