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Red Bull RB18


Right! A new season means a new challenge. Not only for our friends at Oracle Red Bull Racing, but for me as well. I wanted to see if I could do better than last model, so I set out to capture Adrian Newey’s 2022 brainchild in our beloved plastic bricks yet again.

In a Speed Champions style, this model is 8 studs wide and built in minifigscale. It’s designed to be sturdy and practically screams to be played with. A lot.

You can easily swap out the nose, engine cover and T-cam in order to change between Max and Checo’s car.

To top this set off I’ve decided to add Horner’s office: the Red Bull pit wall.

Parts used for the car : 267
Parts used for the pit wall : 164
Custom decals (stickers) : 46

Christian Horner – Team principal
“It's so important to come up with the right specification of cars - they need to be loud, they need to be fast.”

Max “simply lovely” Verstappen – Driver

Sergio “Checo is a legend” Pérez – Driver

Doktor Helmut Marko – Advisor
Nope, no witty quote or comment here

Now let’s see if this project can catch up with and surpass last year’s one. No flashy pie charts this time, but with this model you will get a never-before-seen action figure of Doktor Helmut Marko. This alone should be reason enough to pledge your support!

Thank you all and let’s hope for a Formula 1 season as epic as the last!

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