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Camping Season

It's that time of year, time for camping season! Get out in nature in the Forest Campground (first photo) complete with lots of foliage, popup camper, and campfire. Or if you're more of a stay at home camper than Backyard Camping (second photo) may be more preferable. Backyard Camping comes with a deck, popup camper, beanbag toss, camping chairs, grill, table with food, and lights. If the joy is in the journey for you than the Camper Caravan (third photo) will take you far. The caravan includes a vehicle with equipment in the trunk and a roof pack while pulling a folded down popup camper. The opened popup camper can be removed from one setting and placed in the other too.

I made this based off my own camping experiences, and I hope others will enjoy them as well. I think this would make a great set, because it can remind others of past camping experiences they have had.

If anyone has any other ideas for a camping scene then let me know in the comments and I might design one.

Your support is much appreciated! Thank you!

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