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Explorer-Style Rock Electric Guitar


Welcome to the LEGO Explorer-style Guitar, a 1587-piece, full-sized interpretation of this modern-retro instrument!

Every person who has every played guitar, wanted to play guitar, admires the guitarists in their friends and family, or just loves guitar music or air guitar will find the prospect of using LEGO to create their own guitar model to be irresistible. This model is a full-sized build, and is incredibly strong, since the primary components for the body and neck are plates, plates and more plates. Building up layers of 6 or 7 plates created a solid body guitar like no other, and the choice of the Explorer-style (which made it's debut in 1958), with it's bold angles and overall futuristic body design is sure to turn heads and start innumerable conversations. This build features a clean top through the use of finishing plates on the black body and white pick guard, while the expected LEGO angled brick work on the sides of the body, and exposed studs on the fretboard, both testify to it's humble origins from a box of spare LEGO parts.

Details include a round input "jack" on the side of the guitar body (to simulate the point where a cable would be inserted), a small "strap" button at the base of the guitar near the input "jack", a matching black "hockey stick" shaped headstock, six tuning pegs and tuning nuts, a white nut with six saddles, a dark tan fretboard with fretboard markers and tile frets, 2 "volume" knobs and 1 "tone" knob", two of the hottest pickups in LEGOLAND, a pickup selector switch, a bridge that can actually hold in place a real guitar string, a solid (really solid) body design and a boatload of style.

The body has a thickness of six plates, with a layer of tiles on top; the neck (consisting of a series of 4x6, 6x6, 6x8 and 6x10 black plates) is five plates thick, including the 'rosewood' fingerboard.

The finished build is over four feet (over 122 cm) at the longest points, but broken down, the pieces would fit comfortably within a box the size that the modular buildings come in now.

This is an intermediate to advanced build, but I see the audience as all the guitar fans and lover mentioned previously, in addition to every Hard Rock Cafe, every House of Blues, every vintage record shop, every coffee house, every corporate office, and every music hall and juke joint in the world with a display case.  By changing out the black tiles on the body and headstock, any color (from blue to green, yellow to grey, red to orange, pink to brown, striped/checked, etc.) is possible.  Imagine walking into a Hard Rock Cafe and seeing eight of these lined up in all the different colors!  Rock on!

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