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8-16 Hulkbuster set


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Basically, This is my first project submission.

I may not be the super fan of The Avengers, but after watching the Hulk vs Hulkbuster scene. I was totally captivate by this machine. So, I want to build a Hulkbuster of my own, which is not too big, which is able to make some good post like the real Hulkbuster in the movie. To fulfil all these requirement, the Hulkbuster that I built is a much taller and thicker than when it's compare to the Hulk mini figure. If people like to collect an action figure, who like to build on it and also love Lego. This will be a good choice to play with. A size of a reasonable action figure build by Lego, have a good smooth surface like the figure to be collect. Quit detail in every part of the figure, both externally or internally. 

I believe it will only cost between US50-70. A good price and good play for those who loves Lego and Hulkbuster. So please support this project, so that many people can enjoy it.

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