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Flying War Coupé


THIS is the Doge Motors V12 Mk.5 Flying Coupé, with an added laser! This is great for people who love cars, planes, and thermal weaponry. It also looks very sleek and high-tech, and has a realistic ratio between the wheel size and the rest of the car.

The car's front is the most detailed part of the model. It has a lot of side building involved, to make it look realistic and wavy like an Infiniti car. The wing section is made to resemble a jet fighter, with air intakes and turbine engines. The rear of the car is made to resemble the rear of a Chevrolet Corvette, which I think has the best rear out of any other car :D. This car is a hybrid of three different vehicles. There is a lift-up flap in the rear of the car under the laser's base, which conceals a hidden fusion engine.

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