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Kingdom Hearts: Shadow

"Those who lack hearts... I will call them the Heartless." -Ansem

About the model

Shadows are one of the most recognizable and iconic forms of the Heartless, the main type of enemies featured in the Kingdom Hearts games. This is because they're one of the most common forms; they're the average, grunt monster that is often the first enemy you encounter. They also happen to be one of my favorite enemies; they're adorable and delightfully creepy.

I did my best to capture their cuteness and creepiness in this model. It is highly posable: the head, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and antennae can be moved, and the arms, legs, and antennae each have additional joints that can be posed. In addition to being able to play with it and put it in all sorts of fun poses, the joints are strong enough that the model can hold its pose, so it would look great displayed on a desk or a shelf!

About the project

I have very fond memories of the Kingdom Hearts series; I watched my sister play the first and second games when they first came out, and I used to listen to the fantastic soundtrack of the original game in my CD player when we drove places on vacation. Recently, my sister has been replaying the older games and playing some of the spinoffs for the first time (no spoilers, please!), which inspired me to build this model. Next year is also 20 years since the first game was released, making it the perfect time for a celebratory LEGO set.

Number of pieces: 513
Height: Roughly 8 in/20 cm (when posed as shown in the main image).

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