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The Magic School Bus

This is the Magic School Bus from the popular show from back in the day. It was very popular and most kids today have still heard of it, if not seen it themselves. Thus, of course, Netflix decided to get their hands in on a remake. However, this model is of the original.

In the Magic School Bus, a Magical teacher, similar to a more eccentric Mary Poppins,name Mary Poppins, would, with the assistance of her pet lizard Liz, take her class of 8 kids, Arnold, Tim, Carlos, Ralphie, Wanda, Dorothy Ann (D.A.), Keesha, and Phoebe on Field trips in her Magical School Bus, dubbed, "The Bus". The Bus could transform into anything Ms. Frizzle so desired to help teach her class about a concept of science.

I put a lot of work into the details of this model, and seats all suggested Minifigs. A 1:1 replica of the outside of the bus. In building this model it became clear that the inside was roomier than the outside allowed for, as shown in the show. However, I have still managed to build the interior with as much detail as possible as seen in the show.

Suggested Minifigs are, from Right to Left, Ms. Frizzle, Carlos, Ralphie, Tim, Arnold, Wanda, Keesha, D.A, and Phoebe. Liz could be represented using that Frog piece, however I could not make a better version of the poor lizard.

I believe a lot of people would enjoy playing with this set.

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