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Stingray a Futuristic Submarine from the year 2065 and is the Flagship of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (W.A.S.P). Stingray is piloted by Troy Tempest and Lieutenant George Sheridan, nicknamed 'Phones' for his role as the hydrophone operator. They protect the Pacific Ocean from invaders and enemies such as the 'Aquaphibians', an aquatic warrior race.

This streamlined vessel was the star of the 1960's Children's TV show of the same name which was shown in the UK, Canada and USA.

This Model includes: 

  • two Mini-figures: Troy Tempest and Phones
  • opening cockpit with seating for both mini-figures
  • the propeller at the the rear spins when the submarine is pushed forward.
  • two spring-loaded projectiles can be fired


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