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Lawyer's Office.


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Wecome to the offices of Mr Lawbrick! He thinks he's a top lawyer but he seems unaware that his office building is falling apart around him. He is interviewing a known criminal who has been escorted to the building by a policewoman. Another worried customer approaches from outside...

Mr Lawbrick is keen on security and the rear of the building is well guarded. However, no one has collected the garbage in a while so it's also attracting a few rats.

The ground floor houses the secretary's office complete with desks, photocopier and plant that needs watering. This floor also has two toilets and a reception hatch.

The upper floor has the employee's tea room with sink, dishwasher, noticeboard and table and chairs. Mr Lawbrick's office is also on this floor and he sits in plush surroundings with a mahogany desk and bookcase (it's a bit out of place, but nobody dares mention this!).

I created this building in Lego's Digital Designer software. It contains approximately 2300 bricks and fits in the modular building system. The brick pattern on the front of the building suggests a chain-link motif.

The characters are: Mr Lawbrick, Mrs Papier (Mr Lawbrick's Secretary), Criminal (maybe - he hasn't been tried yet), Policewoman and worried buisnessman.

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