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Cargo Train With Container Lifter



I always liked trains because they can easly put life in any layout and make it awesome so I decided to materialize this passion by creating my own cargo train.
To make this set more playful I decided to combine it with a mobile container lifter, a different type never done before in a Lego set.
I hope you like it and if it does don't forget to support!

Description and features

The locomotive is designed to work with power functions, better with lithium battery pack because allows you to charge the battery by simply removing the roof and plug-in the power supply.
You can also insert Lego led lights to make the model more realistic and playful.

The double-stack car have a modular design and if you want to personalize it you can quickly swap to a different color with just replacing the fairings.
As you can see in the photos you can make the convoy shorter by removing the double-stack wagon in the middle and directly connect the other two.

The open freight wagon has a little compartment in which you can store some stuff and the chains used to hold the freight if you travel unloaded.

The container lifter can steer, you can drive it using the steering wheel on the back of the roof.
You can hook the containers and lift them by rotating another control wheel always on the roof.
The strings of the hooking system are missing in the renders as they don't exist in LDD so I couldn't replicate them.

The entire set is around 2500 pieces, it includes 3 minifigs (train driver, lifter driver and freight terminal employee), a few rail tracks, a buffer stop and two sportcars.

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