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Stylish Cabrio


Here we go -  a very cool limousin!

I wanted to create a stylish cabriolet.I used almost only red bricks, because i have got plenty of them and I think red is a good colour for a stylish car.

I didn't have an existing product which I tried to copy, but I wanted to make the car look as realistic as possible.

You can open the four doors and the car boot. Four lego minifigures can enter. It has big head lights and the interior is white. It was difficult to build opening doors and an opening trunk and make the car still look good. It´s pretty stable. My younger brother loves to play with it and he hasn´t manage to destroy it yet!

It's possible to make a romantic drive out of town with your love affair, in the car boot is place for picnic stuff. And it´s the perfect vehicle to drive around the city center and to show off and make people envy you and the friends you take for a ride.


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