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Refrigeration Factory


Hi!!! Hi Lego Ideas!!! I want reapeat another progect for the community. In the past year work in the Sea but decide let him and change work..I go to work in the Factory, a very big Factory positioned near my Home, the work is very interesting beacuse weld a principal element of Refrigeration equipement, and I like it and I'm happy..

The Factory produce a componets for Refrigeration plant for Industry and other utilization. The Factory is equipped for product Evaporator,Capacitors for small and big Refrigeration system.The Factory ( real and in my project) have machinery use to produce a parts of plant, a welding table use to weld the Capacitors and  Evaporators for plant. In the side of Shed there are varios part of eplant ready for assembly. Near the entry of Shed there are the office of  Manufacturing Engineer ( red), in front af these, there are a Refrigeration plant assembled and ready for delivery. Finally, on the roof we find a gantry cranes to lift heavy pieces...

That's all!!! I hope like it and vote my Progect, beacuse i really enjoyed building it, and I hope the same for you.Thank  you so much see you later!!

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