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Crystal Beings


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Welcome to a new collab with @Corvus Auriac

Invertebrates have always fascinated humans since ancient times, they have been artistically represented in a wide variety of situations and have had a great symbolic significance. We have chosen in particular three of them that have been used very frequently: spiders, dragonflies and beetles.

This project was born from the need to make a challenge that consisted in creating living beings only with transparent pieces, which are really scarce in the LEGO catalogue. Because there were some limitations, we have used golden pieces that give the final sophisticated touch, making it more similar to fine jewellery works that mix crystal with precious metal parts. 

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The spider and the beetle have a utility beyond the simple display, they can hold inside them jewellery that we have created as accessories, simply lift the screens and use them as if they were a jewellery box (perfect for marriage proposal).

As we know that everyone has their own colour preferences, we have included an extra assortment of gems for the eyes and the ring.

The total number of pieces is 297 (20 are from the extras).
We hope you like it.

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