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Argo ATV

The real Argo 8x8 ATV is a small 8 wheel (or track) driven amphibious vehicle that has no suspension and steers like with tracks. It has no steering wheel, but like motorbike handles.

The remote control model can have both wheels or tracks, but with wheels the steering is a bit difficult, that's why I only promote the one with tracks. This can be the normal tracks or the rubber ones. The last gives much more traction.
It has 2 small PF motors with gearing 2:1 and then a helical transmission that makes it very strong with a reasonable speed.
The PF receiver is located under the hood and the small PF battery box or rechargeable battery box is placed on the back.

The real Argo, here with 2 tracks. It is also available with 4 tracks or 8 wheels. It comes with or without cabin and with or without a winch. You can also add a small crane in the back or even an outside boat motor!
I also made a model in a larger scale and then you have all those possibilities too!

Bottom view: Here you see the four 8 toothed gear wheels and the two helical ones. The 16 toothed motor gears are not visible here.

As you can see, it just fits! It has a body, seats (as a bench) steering handles, a hood, a frame like cabin and front and back lights (not powered)
You can build the model in separate modules and assemble all at the end.

Another view of how motors, receiver and gearing are build in.
The model drives very well,going steep hill and over large obstacles. Neighbor kids cannot stop playing with it and try out all driving possibilities!

More pictures at Brickshelf, member marthart.

See video:

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