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Lego Boxes


Hello, everyone! This is my first Lego Ideas project, and I am really excited about it. It feature four boxes with different themes, each box has, practically, the same size and is built with a similar technique; they all have around 100 bricks. Specific details about each box are listed below:

  1. Bank Box: this yellowish box has a money sign built with a Lego cash brick, inside it comes with an ATM. Its minifigure is dressed as a businessmen holding a briefcase and a credit card to withdraw some money.
  2. Telephone Box: based on London red boxes, it is completely windowed and comes with a telephone inside. A friendly female minifigure accompanies this box with her tan-colored side bag and a bouquet; moreover, she is built in a creative technique to make a short dress.
  3.  Chemical Toilet: perfect for the builder minifigure after his lunch. Its sign has a special sticker that comes with the official Lego book - Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection​. Inside the box, logically, there is a toilet built with a vase brick and a buoy brick.
  4. Jungle Box: this tree-like box was especially designed to camouflage the explorer minifigure in the jungle, the adventurer comes with a camera - built with Lego pans - and binoculars. Some flowers decorate the inside.

Thank you for checking my project, I hope you like it!

PS: If you would like to check other creations of mine, visit my blog.

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