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BURN-E is the main hero of a short film made by Pixar Animation Studios in 2008. This film was included within WALL•E home video release, as a bonus.

When flying from Earth to the Axiom spaceship, WALL•E touches one of Saturn rings. A small ice fragment is then thrown by Mars gravity directly onto a lamp outside the Axiom spaceship. BURN-E is sent to repair the broken lamp. During all the film, BURN-E tries to accomplish his mission, with many, many difficulties. At the end of the film, the lamp is destroyed again and BURN-E collapses in defeat.


This project is showing BURN-E, fixed on his rail outside the Axiom spaceship, when he tries to repair the faulty lamp. It includes many details:

  • Rotating head of BURN-E horizontally and vertically,
  • Arms with three articulations to catch the postures of BURN-E,
  • Two interchangeable lamps to show the faulty or the repaired one,
  • Detailed Axiom outside wall in the background.

To get a more realistic result, the eyes and the name on BURN-E's head are made with stickers.

I hope you will enjoy this project! Please support it and feel free to comment!