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The Iron Giant


UPDATE: Christmas 2016

Hi, guys! Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Here's my second-to-last planned update for this project.

For the most part, the project remains the same. It will still contain:

  • All previously stated/updated minifigures and accessories
  • The Giant himself
  • Circular metal "S"
  • Alien weapon replacement hands for the Giant

However, some changes have been made to these. The Giant has gone through another redesign where I've completely overhauled his arms and torso to increase sturdiness for playability. This redesign also serves another purpose. Today, I am pleased to say that the Iron Giant himself is now composed entirely of pre-existing LEGO pieces.

Now here's some data people have been asking for:

  • Giant's height: ~23"
  • Giant's piece count (not including minifigures or accessories): 1737 (that's over 400 fewer than it was previously!)

Thanks again for all of your guys' help in reaching over 8,000 supporters! I'm planning the final update to happen within the next month or so, which will feature our very first look at the Iron Giant physically built in real life.


Structural Integrity

Hey, guys! It's come to my attention through various internet comments and suggestions that there is a general concern for how well the Iron Giant's joints can support its weight. Because of this, I've spent the last week reworking joints like the hips, ankles, and shoulders to increase the durability and proper functionality of the build. I also decided to take this time to redesign the calves and feet to better match the Giant's look in the movie.  

The hips have each been redesigned to employ the rotational friction of two ball-joints, inspired by the methods used to add friction to Onua's gear functions from set 70789 Onua Master of Earth.

Each knee now uses two of the snap joints commonly used for most AT-ST sets.

The ball joints on each shoulder have been reinforced with friction joint add-ons. 

Anyway, that's pretty much it. Thanks for your support guys, and don't forget to tell your friends about this project!



Before I describe this update, I'd just like to thank everybody for the incredibly positive support I've received. You guys are great. In this update, I've made changes/additions to almost everything that's been suggested to me. Here they are:

The project will now come with a circular "S" like the one in the movie, and the pieces needed to mount it. I should specify that the "S" itself has no legal ties to the DC Comics character Superman, therefore it shouldn't add any complications to the acquisition of the rights to make this set.

The Iron Giant's lower jaw has been streamlined. That was one thing that bothered me most about my first draft, and his chin is now 'seamless.'

The Iron Giant's eyes have been modified to give them a shinier, more luminous look.

Hogarth will come with his aviator helmet and toy rifle, like in the movie.

There you have it. Don't forget to tell your friends about this set and help me gain support! Thank you guys!


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