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Orion Spacecraft


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Hello ladies and Gentlefigs!

Today I bring you my next spacecraft, NASA's Orion.
The Orion Spacecraft is probably one of NASA's most important spacecraft since Apollo.
The Orion spacecraft is designed to take mankind back to the moon in 2024 and to mars in the early 2030s.
An unmanned test flight around the moon is planned to take place in November of this year (2021) so I thought this would be the perfect model!
The inside seats 4 astronauts just like the real thing. and the capsule can separate from the lower service module.
In the near future I plan to make NASA's Lunar Gateway that will be a space station orbiting the moon as well as a large spacecraft the crew will use to get to Mars as well as the planned SpaceX Starship Lunar Lander they plan to use on the Artemis missions, but I will wait until final design specifications are made available ;)

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