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Shogi - Shogun Chess


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A game of honor has begun, and the ultimate goal: Supremacy!

Two kingdoms stand against each other longing to reign supreme, only one can win this game of shogi. this game may be similar to the more recognizable Chess, but unlike chess, when pieces like a Foot-soldier, Fortress, Overseer, Spearman, Warrior, or Silver Guard breach enemy lines, they grow stronger and promote themselves (via simple turns and raisings). not only that, but defeating an enemy piece will add it to your ranks! (by switching the color from blue to red and vice versa.) 

Why did you build this?
I actually learned of the game via clubhouse games. its simplicity inspired me to develop a more detailed version of it with the same tricks and trappings from the original board game.

Why do you believe in this?
this can really make the admittedly bland look of shogi look eye popping to people in the west where chess dominates the strategic board game aspect.

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