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BBC Strictly Come Dancing set


BBC Strictly Come Dancing

This LEGO set is based on one of Britain's most popular reality TV shows: BBC's Strictly Come Dancing. I came up with this idea, as I am a fan of the show and a dancer myself. With the show sustaining many successful series and counting, it seemed to me a challenge that I wanted to take on, to make the set of the show into LEGO.

With facing many designing struggles, I percervered and finally finished creating the set. With the support of being able to extend my research to not only online, but also visiting the real set where they film the show. Hence I was able to visit the Strictly Come Dancing set located at Elstree Studios. Following this visit I was able to use my sketches I have drawn of the set, as concept ideas, to help create the LEGO set to look as realistic to the set in relation to the scale and proportion of each part of the LEGO model.


This model has been made with roughly 1221 bricks.

Covering an area of approximately 44.8cm(width) x 75.2cm(depth) x 22.16cm(height).



  • Judges panel
  • Orchestra pit with Dave Arch
  • Dance Floor
  • Steps and Balcony
  • Lighting Rig

Can also include:

  • Audience seating
  • Judges and Hosts
  • Dancers (professionals)
  • Cameras

As this show is part of iconic British television it would be amazing to see this idea made in LEGO bricks.

I would be grateful and much appreciate if you could please support this project!

Share and spread the word of this project; get everyone to support this project and don't forget: "Keep Dancing!" 

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