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Eco-Fuels Refinery

The LEGO Eco-Fuels Refinery.

Everyone knows the Octan gas stations and the hundreds of vehicles that move around LEGO City’s every day.
But where does the energy come from? Where do the Octan gas stations get their eco fuels from?
Environmentally friendly fuels are refined here every day, which are then distributed using the octane tanker trucks.

Visitors are warmly welcomed in the administration building. The Eco-Fuels Refinery is managed on the upper floor: raw materials are bought, Eco-Fuels sold, accounting and everything that goes with it.
In the refinery, the raw materials are refined into eco-fuels, the machines and systems are maintained and repaired. Empty Octan tanker trucks are being filled and the employees are happy with their work.
Therefore, a LEGO Eco-Fuels Refinery belongs in every LEGO City.

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