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Kenworth W-900 hauler (Re-designed)


I have edited the Kenworth truck and I have made improvements by adding the beds in the sleeping compartment behind the driver seat.I also made the tires and the trailer more bigger than the original design. The trailer can be filled with anything like poles, boxes, and crates to haul on the road. You can remove the top of the truck to place your mini-figure from the driver seat to one of the beds. You can also open the doors around the front to put the driver inside.

It still has the same classical Icon 900 grill at the front. The headlights remain the same but the exhaust pipes were edited to look taller. The back compartment has the windows on the top and the sides to look inside. Even you can look through the windshield to see the driver. I also added the steps at the doors of the truck so the mini-figure can hop inside.

(Based from the trucks of the commercial motor company, Kenworth)


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