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FIFA #Matchday #INAARG - Modular Football Stadium

Celebrating the FIFA #MatchDay friendly match between Indonesia against Argentina in Jakarta. Why this? Because football is very popular in Indonesia and right now the national team is getting a spotlight, and Argentina is currently the World Cup 2022 winner. Based on the numbers of their fans, we believe this set will attract lot of buyers, and we make it modular so people can afford to collect.
The set includes these modules :
  1. football field with 4 broadcast cameras
  2. bench for each team
  3. tribune with giant screen and scoring board (2)
  4. tribune for supporters
  5. press conference set with 2 players and a female host
  6. live report from tv newsroom with anchor and commentator
  7. merchandise store with a minifigure as seller
In total there are 46 seats for supporters! Just bring your existing collection of minifigures to watch this match!
(stickers will be provided)

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