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German BR 110 Train with 3 Wagons

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Here I present to you my project "V100" including 3 different wagons.

Since there are only few LEGO railway products that resemble german railway vehicles, I decided to build them on my own using the Lego Digital Designer (LDD). First of all there is the railway "V100 East/Ost" railway engine, then we have a cooler/refrigator wagon, a coal wagon and a passenger wagon. All wagons along with the "V100 Ost" railway engine were first used back then in the former DDR (German Democratic Republic) and are still in order as of today. They belong to epoche 4 of the "Deutsche Reichsbahn" (coined in DDR).

When building the models, I chose an embossment width of 8 so that all the ratios will fit to the actual size. I've already built the virtual models by myself in reality using LEGO and I can say that they're easy to build.

Now it's your turn: If you share my passion for this part of German railway history, please vote for my project. I'm looking forward to the day, one could buy it in the Legostore.

Some more details about every model:


"V100 Ost"

The diesel engine runs on two axle bogies, which are hinged via a respective pivot. The main frame is supported by coil springs with sliding plates on these bogies from The locomotive has a central cab. In the front porch of the diesel engine and the cooling system is housed in the rear gable fan generator, light occasion machine cabinet 3, air frame, air tanks, batteries, the boiler (or equivalent Vorwärmgeräte), ballast weights and Zugsicherungsanlage and usually the cab radio have their place.

In the vehicle frame under the cab of the fluid transmission depends. This diesel has been used for carrying goods as well as passengers. She has each 2 ladders to get to each end when maneuvering or on the boxes with his Lego train drivers. It has on each side a headlight and tail light. The engineer may be law in his cab in two positions as the original. The guide level is reached with a ladder per page and has for two support rods.

There are several design variants:

  • 112 series (DB-202 series)
  • Series 114 and 115 (DB-204 series)
  • 111 series (DB Class 298)
  • Series 108 (DB Class 293/298)
  • Series 110.9 (DB Class 710)
  • DB-203 series


Coal wagon:

This is a remanufactured trade name Eanos. This has discharged 4 doors on each side to has 2 axes per Seiteund can be loaded with different Materiealen mastered it is brown and was loaded with coal.


Refrigator/cooling wagon:

The refrigerated trucks for transport of goods is the cooling must be disposed in fruit fish or meat. He has on each side a sliding door that can be moved to create purely for the goods. He stands on 2 axles per page and is usually painted in white. He has a platform for the workers so that they can do the cooling on each end.


Passenger wagon:

He is to meet in green on Movable has 2 doors on each side to get on and off.

If you take off the roof can be left 24 Lego passengers take place. He has participated in the bottom two dice is so that they meet at Cold as train heating for the passengers do not have to freeze. At each end it has a transition that you can still attach other cars and a tail lighting. He is also on 2 axles per page.


There are other projects follow to be built in this nubs size. So I Build currently on a double-decker coaches of the DR and it is also a Lok appear. So I hope I've piqued your interest to follow me. In this sense, a lot of fun at the track and my projects look.

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